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They turned their telescopes towards other nearby galaxies → Ils dirigèrent leurs télescopes vers d'autres galaxies proches.

4. 1's opportunity or duty (to carry out, have etcetera a little something shared by quite a few men and women). It truly is your switch to select a record; You'll have to attend your transform in the bathroom. beurt دَوْر ред vez řada die Reihe tur σειράturno kord نوبت vuoro tourתור crimson, redosljed (következés:) rajtad a sor giliran tækifæri, skipti turno 順番 차례 eilė kārta; rinda giliran beurttur, omgangkolej نوبت vez rând очередь rad, poradie (biti) na vrsti za red tur หน้าที่ sıra, yapma sırası (依次輪流的)順次,輪到 черга باري lượt (依次轮流的)顺次,轮到

2. (in some cases foll by spherical) to vary or cause to change positions by moving by means of an arc of a circle: he turned the chair to confront the light.

Transform the cake the ideal way up on to your wire rack → Retournez le gâteau du bon côté sur une grille.

turn into, get, go - enter or believe a specific state or ailment; "He became annoyed when he listened to the bad news"; "It has to be receiving additional significant"; "her deal with went pink with anger"; "She went into ecstasy"; "Get heading!"

division, area, part - one of several portions into which one thing is considered divided and which together constitute an entire; "the penned Component of the exam"; "the finance segment of the corporate"; "the BBC's engineering division"

(of two or more and more people) to do something just one after the other, not concurrently. They took turns to seem after the child. beurte neem/maak يَتَناوَب العَمَل редувам се revezar-se střídat se sich abwechseln skiftes til κάνω κτ. εκ περιτροπής turnarse, relevarse vaheldumisi (midagi) tegema به نوبت انجام دادن tehdä jtk vuorotellen faire (qqch.) à tour de rôle לִפעוֹל לְפִי תּוֹר पारी बदल कर कुछ करना izmjenjivati se felváltva végeznek vmit bergiliran skiptast á (fare a turno) 交替してやる 교대로 하다 learn the facts here now keistis, daryti iš eilės nomainīt citam citu bergilir-gilir om beurten doen skiftes om zmieniać się przy, robić coś na zmianę په نوبت سره سرته رسول revezar-se a encounter cu rândul делать поочерёдно striedať sa medsebojno se menjavati smenjivati se turas om สลับกัน sırayla/nöbetleşe yapmak 依次 чергуватися; робити щось по черзі باري باري سے کرنا lần lượt 依次

eleven. A deed or motion possessing a great or poor impact on A further: "He believed some Pal had carried out him an ill change" (Stephen Crane).

= rotate, transfer round critical, screw, wheel → sich drehen; the entire world activates its axis → die Erde dreht sich um ihre Achse; he turned to me and smiled → er drehte sich mir zu und lächelte; this vital won’t switch → dieser Schlüssel lässt sich nicht drehen; to turn the wrong way up → umkippen; his tummy turned within the sight → bei dem Anblick drehte sich ihm der Magen um ? tail N a, toss VI a, turtle

already in her to start with film she turned a handful of heads → ya en su primera película la gente se fijó en ella

= company ? an excellent/poor convert to do any individual a fantastic/undesirable transform → jdm einen guten/schlechten Dienst erweisen; a boy scout needs to do a superb transform each day → ein Pfadfinder muss jeden Tag eine gute Tat tun; a single great convert justifies An additional (Prov) → eine Hand wäscht die andere (prov), → hilfst du mir, so helf ich dir

permute, transpose, commute - alter the purchase or arrangement of; "Dyslexics normally transpose letters in the term"

4. To become located to get, as following knowledge or demo: The rookie turned out being the workforce's greatest hitter.

He turned on Pete and accused him of working in medications → Il s'en prit à Pete et l'accusa de vendre de la drogue.

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